Born Again

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From Where Does It Come

“Born-again” is a concept brought to us from heaven by Jesus. “No one has ever seen God in heaven except him who came from heaven, he has made God known to us” (Paraphrase from John 1:18). Since no one has ever gone into heaven to corroborate the testimony of Jesus on “born again”, then we basically must take Jesus at his word.  Jesus says that “born-again” is about flesh gives birth to flesh, and spirit gives birth to spirit. Therefore, we conclude that God renames you “born-again” when you are brought into new life by the Spirit of God.

Hearing of Faith

God promises to give the Spirit and to work miracles at “the hearing of faith” (Galatians 3:2, 5). The potential for God to rename you “born-again” is at any hearing of faith, because the Spirit gives life, and God promises to give the Spirit at the “hearing-of-faith”. “Faith comes from hearing God’s message, and the hearing comes from hearing God’s Word about Christ(Paraphrased from Romans 10:17). We conclude that the Word of God about faith produces the “hearing-of-faith”, and this letter and video is about God’s Word about Christ. Therefore, you may consider yourself at a “hearing-of-faith” when you read this letter and watch the videos.image of new-born baby

It’s Real

God cannot lie, but completes His promises by the Power of God who raised Jesus from the dead. So, no matter what is your physical location, God gives His Word that he gives the Spirit which gives new life to you at the hearing of faith. So, if you can believe that you are at the “hearing of faith” when you read this letter and view these videos, then God has set you up to be renamed “born-again”.

image of new-born babyBorn-Again is a Far-reaching Subject

There is a lot to know about “born again”, but to be renamed “born-again” you only need to know two things: 1) You need to know that you want to see “the Kingdom of God”; and, 2) You need to know that Jesus says that “no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again” (Paraphrased from John 3:3). Therefore, we conclude that God will give you His Word that he has renamed you “born-again” when you have received Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior, according to scripture (John 1:11-13).

If you want to receive Jesus as Lord by giving your life to Jesus, then take the following three steps:

  • Listen to the invitational song: Give Your Life To Jesus - True Believers

  • Follow the steps in the YouTube video entitled…Give Your Life to Jesus – Agree with God

  • Believe God and learn from Jesus, who teaches us everything by the Holy Spirit whom God sends in the name of Jesus (John 14:26).


Now that you have received Jesus, God has renamed you “born-again”. And as you now walk with the Holy Spirit, you can know that you are walking with Jesus, who makes [the truth about] God known to us (John 1:18). So, be saved and grow in your knowledge of truth, because God wants both (1 Timothy 2:4).


Don Felipe

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 13:36

Are the children in the pictures of this article able to follow the steps of the video?  John 3:8 & Mark 10:13-16