The Number of Man - 666 (continued)

Submitted by Don Felipe on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 00:34

Well, as promised, I am continuing the article I started yesterday.  Did you attempt to relate the story of the wicked king and the prophet of God to the number 666?  If so, were you able to learn how God uses this particular number as it is assigned to mankind?

It is not so readily seen in the scriptures but you should be able to view the portions presented by God to identify those that perished by God's fire from heaven and those that found mercy in the eyes of God.  Two-hundred soldiers and two captains were utterly destroyed by fire from heaven when they attempted to bring Elijah to their king; that number represents 2/3 of the total number of soldiers sent to retrieve Elijah.  The captain and 50 soldiers that found mercy in the eyes of God represented 1/3 of the total number of personnel sent by the evil king.  This 1/3 actually represents the portion of souls God will have mercy on during the entire salvation program God has designed to have a people (church) for Himself.

When we take the portions found in this story and perform a small equation, we find the following: 2 (200 soldiers & 2 captains) divided by 3 (total soldiers, 300, with 3 captains) = .666.

This, of course, is a mathematical presentation that must be supported by the Bible.  If we are to understand that the 1/3 is a representation of those that will be saved and make up the spiritual church of God, we must search the scriptures to validate this doctrine. 

So, we go to Zachariah chapter 13 where we find the validation that what we are discussing here is in fact supported by the scriptures.

I'll leave you to read the chapter and return with a follow-up article.

May God have mercy on those He has elected to salvation!!

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